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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Soundwave Solutions Treatment

Soundwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that uses mechanical stimulation to deliver a biological response in tissue.

Results provide:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Neovascularization
  • Neurogenesis
  • Cellular reaction in the tissue, which can offer immediate results. However, optimal treatment outcomes take 3 months to build.


Basic $1500

6 Treatments 2x per week for 3 weeks
This is a good option for mild cellulite.

Standard $3000

12 Treatments 2x per week for 6 weeks
This treatment is for moderate to more severe grade cellulite.

Elite $3500

12 Treatments 2x per week for 6 weeks Dry Brush and Peptide Cream
This treatment offers more agressive and long term results.

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