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Want more out of sex?

When it comes to overall physical and emotional wellbeing, satisfying sex is key at any age. But while the focus has been on male sexual issues, female sexual dysfunction is a thing too. Now, finally, there’s something that women can do about it.

Cliovana™ is the solution

Cliovana™ was developed specifically with the intention of increasing orgasm frequency and improving orgasm intensity. Cliovana™’s treatment focuses specifically on the clitoris, the only organ in the body dedicated solely to pleasure.

Using sound wave technology, Cliovana™ enhances orgasms at the cellular level. The treatment boosts the process of regenerating cells in the genitals resulting in improved blood flow to the clitoris. Your body is constantly regenerating cells, Cliovana™ boosts the process which can lead to an increase in long term orgasm frequency and intensity. Sound wave technology has been used for decades all over the world for a variety of health issues. And the application of these technologies for clitoral stimulation has evolved from years of experience with penis tissue (which is surprisingly similar!).

Cliovana™ is a simple, non-invasive treatment. There are no lasers, scalpels, needles and no down time.

70% of women don't orgasm during sex

There’s a giant gap between what women want from sex, and what they get. In fact, recent studies show 60% of women aren’t satisfied with their sex lives, and that during male-female sex, 70% of women don’t orgasm.
If you’re wondering why you don’t have as many orgasms as you used to or if you’re experiencing less intense orgasms, Cliovana™ can help.

it’s 100% non-invasive!

Everything you want. None of what you don't.

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