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What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns like acne, large pores, fine lines/wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. We use the Skin Pen system to provide microneedling to our patients. During the procedure, very small needles are used to prick the skin and create microchannels. This stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin and heal the skin more evenly. Microneedling can be done virtually anywhere on the body, but is most commonly done on the face, neck and chest. We can also give you a Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) facial during your microneedling treatment. PRP comes from blood we draw from you at the time of your appointment. The blood is placed in a specialized centrifuge and spun down so we can utilize the separated plasma. PRP helps enhance collagen and elastin production, and improves microneedling results naturally. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

You may be an ideal candidate for this procedure if you’re in good health and have certain skin concerns that haven’t responded to home treatments or other facial procedures like face peels. This may also be a final step before considering cosmetic surgery for anti-aging and other concerns. The procedure isn’t safe for people who use certain acne medications, have skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema, have open wounds, have had radiation therapy recently, have a history of skin scars, or women who are pregnant. Give us a call if you’d like to see if you’re a good candidate for microneedling!

How Long Does Microneedling Last?

The effects of a microneedling pen are not permanent, so we recommend a maintenance program which could include quarterly procedures to keep skin looking it’s best. Bellus Medical has also developed an entire line vbgtof Skinfuse® products specifically formulated to nourish and assist in protecting the skin following micro needling pen procedures. These products proactively assist in the skins natural healing process. Skinfuse® has also been formulated to eliminate the harmful effects that might result from patients using improper skin products. We have these Skinfuse® kits available for purchase at our office to help you achieve the long lasting results you’re looking for.

Important to Keep in Mind

  • We recommend at least 3 treatments to see noticeable results, though some patients report seeing major improvement after just one session
  • Microneedling is minimally invasive and doesn’t require any downtime to recover
  • If you want a treatment of microneedling with PRP, we will need to draw a small amount of blood from you in order to prepare the PRP
  • Microneedling alone takes about one hour to complete for the face, and needs at least 30 minutes per additional area of the body
  • Microneedling with PRP usually takes an hour and 30 minutes to complete for the face
  • You’ll experience minor redness and irritation for a few days after the procedure
  • Make sure to use lots of sunscreen to protect sensitive skin after the procedure


Skin Pen microneedling is not covered by insurance. Microneedling with PRP costs more because of the increased time to prepare it and apply during the treatment. We offer packages for microneedling and microneedling with PRP that offer cost savings for booking multiple appointments. We also run promotions periodically, so follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for great deals!

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